The Club has been on this property since 1913 and has been Bethesda Country Club since 1947. The golf has undergone renovations for various reasons over the years including the addition of the U.S. 270 and U.S. 495 Beltway Spur that was on the original property. The championship 18 hole routing we use today was designed by Eddie Ault in 1961 and then renovated by Arthur Hills in 1992. Our golf course has taken on many forms throughout its history with the goal to create an inspired and memorable golf experience. Today, in addition to our championship golf course, our Trackman equipped Driving Range allows a player to dissect and understand the DNA of any given swing.



Racket Sports at Bethesda Country Club offers two temperature controlled bubbled deco-turf hard courts with eight outdoor clay courts during the spring, summer, and early fall and five indoor courts during the late fall and winter seasons. Between our active tennis program and numerous pickleball and paddle tennis matches, your racket possibilities are endless.



At Bethesda Country Club our cuisine is second to none. We take pride in offering dining and event options for all occasions.



A second home for our youngest members. Our youth activities offer seasonal specific programming to create unforgettable memories. Our youth participate in competitive interclub swim and dive teams, as well as our junior golf and tennis programs.