Our Culture

BETHESDA COUNTRY CLUB: Professionals Pursuing Perfection


Our vision, is to be "The premier choice for a Country Club in our market"


Excellent Experience for All


1.  Give a warm greeting with a smile, use Member name when possible.
2.  Always anticipate the Member's needs.
3.  Say thank you & give a personal fond farewell.
JUST SAY "YES": Maintain an attitude of YES. When you receive a request, let the Member feel you care and just say "yes".
PAY IT FORWARD: One kind gesture can spread like wildfire, do a good deed for someone without expecting anything in return.


Our Members' experience is my absolute highest priority; I am committed to the most sincere, respectful, and caring environment for our Members who will always feel our friendliness, compassion and dedication to serve.


PHONE ETIQUETTE: Providing good telephone etiquette makes a lasting impression. Speak with a smile & answer within 3 rings using our standard greeting.
RESPONSIVENESS: Respond to any request immediately, every second counts.
OWN IT: Own the request, follow-up through completion.
FIVE/TEN ZONE: At 10 feet, make positive eye contact & smile. At 5 feet use an appropriate greeting.
ESCORT MEMBER: When asked for directions, do not point. When possible, walk the Member to their desire location. Be an ambassador, inside and outside of BCC.
SMILE & HAVE FUN: Smile and maintain a positive attitude.
SPEECH & VERBIAGE: Speak in a professional manner. Use terms such as "certainly, my pleasure" rather than "ok" and "will do".
INFORMED: Take initiative to stay informed about BCC policies, procedure and Club happenings.
OVERALL CLEANLINESS: Cleanliness is every Professional's responsibility. Take care of our appearance and your work area.
NAME RECOGNITION: Make the experience personal, get to know and use Member & Guest names.
ANTICIPATION: Always be proactive and anticipate the wishes and expectations of our Members.
LOOK PROFESSIONAL: Take pride in your personal appearance. Dress for success!