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Bethesda Country Club

Guest Information

Welcome to Bethesda Country Club. 

Established in 1947, Bethesda Country Club began as a private member-owned establishment and has since become one of the premier country clubs in the Washington-Metro area. Members enjoy an 18-hole Arthur Hills championship golf course, a variety of year round racket sports featuring tennis, pickleball and paddle tennis, as well as a recently renovated pool complex with a zero entry splash pool, private cabanas, and a dining pavilion. Additionally, members have access to a full-service fitness center offering personalized training, and fitness classes including yoga, cardio and strength training, and massage services. Dining at BCC ranges from casual to refined experiences, with options tailored for adults as well as families with young children.  Embracing a family-focused culture and a casual yet sophisticated ambiance, the Club is dedicated to ensuring a welcoming and enriching experience for its members, continually striving to enhance their overall satisfaction. 

Permissible use of Cell Phones

  • Mobile devices must be silenced when on Club property. Use of a mobile device for conversation is prohibited in all areas with the exception of the areas listed below; provided that usage does not disrupt another Member’s experience:
    • Clubhouse and Racket Sports Center where a house phone is located
    • Parking Lot
    • Golf Course
  • Please do not enter or walk through the Clubhouse or Racket Sports Center while engaged in a phone conversation.
  • Email or texting are permitted as long as the device is in silent mode.
  • Speaker phone is never permitted.


It is our intent to create a comfortable atmosphere at the Club, while maintaining a sense of style and dignity in keeping with the Club’s prestige and tradition. Members and guests are asked to dress in a fashion befitting the surrounds and atmosphere of the Club.


Clothing worn by players shall be consistent with currently accepted golf fashion. Men must wear a shirt with a collar that clearly differentiates it from a t-shirt and golf shirts must be tucked in. Belts are a requirement for men. Caps must be worn bill-forward at all times. Only soft-spiked golf shoes are to be worn at the course facilities. Unacceptable golf attire includes jeans, t-shirts, cargo shorts, basketball shorts, bodysuits, sweatpants, aerobic and exercise outfits, uncovered leggings, bathing suits and swimming trunks, cut-off shorts, short shorts (less than a 7-inch inseam for men or a 5-inch inseam for women), women's skirts shorter than 15 inches, and halter tops.

Racket Sports

All players must wear appropriate tennis attire. No jeans (cutoff or regular), cargo shorts, or swimsuits are allowed on the Rackets courts. Shirts must always be worn, and men may not wear sleeveless shirts, including tank tops. Backward facing hats are allowed only on the Rackets courts. Track shoes are not allowed on the hard or clay tennis courts. Midriffs must be covered. Athletic wear with a logo is permitted; it is limited to sports brands or teams. 


Smoking is permitted on the Golf Course and only appropriate when it does not directly affect the experience of other Members and their guests. Individuals are responsible for properly discarding their cigars/cigarettes. Smoking and vaping of cannabis on Club property is prohibited.


We are a member referred club. To receive membership information, share the BCC families referring you. Contact Lauren Howard, Membership Manager, Lauren.Howard@BethesdaCountryClub.orgDirect: (301) 767-8252.