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Bethesda Country Club

New Member Recommendation Form

Sponsor Information

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Dear Membership Committee,
I am pleased to sponsor the following candidate for membership to Bethesda Country Club and to provide a thorough endorsement to assist the Membership Committee in appraising the qualifications of this candidate and their family for membership.

Candidate Information

Candidate Name* Spouse Name:*
Answer all questions and include additional details and/or examples in each instance. Two sponsors are required and additional endorsements are encouraged. All information provided will be held in confidence.

Dedicate time to explain your relationship as your endorsement weigh heavily on candidate applications.
How long have you known the candidate & their family?*
Explain the nature of your acquaintance.*
Explain if you have brought the candidate or a member of their family to the Club?*
Are you aware of other BCC Members acquainted with the candidate or their family?*
Do you consider the candidate and their family to be well regarded amongst their peers? Please explain.*
Express any concerns you may have about the candidate and their family.
Provide additional insight to help develop an overall picture of the candidate and their family.*